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Research and Development

  • Developer relations
  • Funding and resources for core software development
  • Software branding, packaging, and distribution
  • Data and analytics driven decision making
  • Fraud monitoring and prevention

Reliable Access

  • High-availability servers provide 24/7/365 access for anyone to query the full ledger history or submit transactions
  • Monitoring and live data
  • Mentoring for infrastructure providers
  • Publishing a UNL


  • Engaging businesses, non-profits, and regulators to build synergy within and across key sectors in order to broaden our social impact
  • Identifying and funding showcase projects with high social impact
  • Collaboration with educational institutions


  • Connecting diverse stakeholders to cultivate a thriving, vibrant XRP Ledger ecosystem.
  • Strategic, coordinated engagement to further XRP Ledger adoption
  • Collaboration with diverse stakeholders, such as businesses and universities
  • Fundraising